Cattle crushes for your cattle yards that are safe, strong and easy to use.

When you use a Cattle Crush Co cattle crush you are using one of the most innovative crushes on the market. If you have a large property or a hobby farm we have a model that is ideal for your needs. You can find our whole range on the NATIONAL STOCKYARDS website. CLICK HERE to go to the NATIONAL STOCKYARDS website or email us directly.

  • 100% Australian Made
  • Innovatiave Design to make your work easier
  • Safe and Secure
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Available in many different configurations


  • Slide lock with infinite catching positions
  • Drop-away handle for safety. Covered by Australian Registered Design Number14007/2008
  • Diamond yoke restricts head movement
  • Open vertical bar arms increase visions and help entice cattle forward
  • Quiet operation, Galvanised steel construction
  • Chin bar standard on all models

Sliding Gate

  • Leverage assisted split sliding gate
  • Pantograph operation. Australian Provisional Patent Application No. 2007792950
  • Vertical bars afford better visibility, hence animals will walk up closer
  • Gate arms close from either side, making it easier to stop the second animal from following the first one in
  • Spring loaded over center latch incorporated into handle.
  • Easy auto release.

Baulk/Draft Gate Combination

  • The Hicks Drafter incorporates a baulk gate into a three way drafting facility
  • All gates swing back and away from the animals head in just one action
  • Winnner - Ag-Quip Inventors Competition 2007
  • Baulk gate can be opened to allow third< draft direction or for sending cattle up a loading ramp
  • All gates can be opened in a single< movement
  • Protected by Australian Provisional Patent Ni. 2007902949

About our Cattle Crushes

We manufacture three ranges of cattle crush with three models in each range. The Hunter range: Headbail and slide gate as below, kick shut vet gate, diagonal squeeze, needle gate, slam catches throughout. The Bullock range: All the features of the Hunter crushes but with a heavier frame, heavier gates, and heavier hinges,for big numbers of big stock. The Tweed range. Same as the Hunter or the Bullock but without the vet section.

About Gerald Hicks

Cattle Crush Co. crushes are manufactured by Gerald Hicks who is directly responsible for many of the innovations that have improved stock handling equipment world wide over the past 25 years.

Gerald grew up on his families wheat and sheep property in Western Australia and relocated to Guyra in the early 1980's. He was one of the foundation partners of Ruddweigh Australia in 1980 and designed the Ruddweigh scales and crushes. In 1990 Gerald founded Carinya Products, designing and manufacturing the full range of Carinya crushes.

Metalcorp Steel purchased Carinya Products in 1994 and retained Gerald as manager until he "retired" in 2003. Gerald had owned and operated his own property since leaving the family farm. He has an inherent understanding of stock management. Gerald has been designing and building the innovative range of National Stockyard Systems crushes since 2005.

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